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Updated bookings system and go live date for bookings

13 February 2023
A caravan with veranda

** Please note, the system is currently not working. We will provide a further update on Monday 20 February in the afternoon.**

We have been working hard to improve the booking system that families use to book short breaks caravan or beach hut breaks.  The new system will go live at 10am on Thursday 16 February 2023, you will not be able to access the booking system until the orange bookings button goes live on the website.  If you access the website early you may need to re-fresh the page until the button shows at 10am.

We have asked all families to create a profile account and then review their information on the new registration system as per our previous news story before they will be able to access the booking system.  Before the go live date we would ask everyone to clear their cache file of all cookies and data history to ensure you are going through to the correct booking system.  You will need your registered email address and passport id number to access the system.  If you have lost your passport id you will now be able to recover it from the new registration system as explained in the previous news story (Guidance notes for navigating the system).

We are again advising all families that if you had a booking last year for a prime date like bank or school holidays then you would NOT be able to book a prime date again this year, Prime dates are alternative years only due to only having 9 caravans and 5400 families now registered with us and eligible to access bookings.  Please note if you do book a prime date and had one last year this will be cancelled and refunded.  You are eligible to book any term time date.

You are eligible to book one caravan and one beach hut per year,  bookings are by family and not by how many children you have registered with us.

There are instructions for navigating the updated system. (PDF, 860kB)

The new system has an updated search function which allows you to filter by:

  • Size of caravan
  • Type of caravan
  • School holidays or term time dates
  • Monday to Friday or Friday to Monday
  • Location

The system also allows you to:

  • See if a beach hut is available to book at the same time as your caravan
  • Update how many people are staying in the caravan
  • Make early payment
  • Cancel your own booking
  • Have your check in documents re sent if you have lost them
  • Self-serve outside of core office hours

Your current passport id number is still valid.