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Updates to booking and registration systems

25 August 2022
Laptop with a progress bar labelled 'Updating'.

We are currently updating our booking and registration systems to make them easier to navigate and give families better oversight of their registrations and bookings. These updates are being completed in two phases:

Phase 1 - Monday 22 August: Payment systems

We are changing the payment platform used to book caravans and beach huts from World Pay to Capita 360 . You may notice that the system looks slightly different as small improvements are being made. Some of you may find that you pay your deposit through Capita 360 and your final balance through World Pay. Please don’t be alarmed, this is planned as part of our transitions between payment platforms. We anticipate a short downtime on the morning of the Monday 22 August whilst the changes are made.

Phase 2 - Currently planned for the start of 2023

Several other parts of the Short Breaks systems are being redesigned:

Caravan and beach huts system

The caravans and beach huts system improvements will be finalised. These changes will enable you to:

  • amend your booking
  • amend who is staying
  • move your booking
  • cancel you booking

We will also be looking at better search functionality

New registration system

A build of the new registration system is currently being designed and tested with Essex Family Forum representatives. The new system will enable you to:

  • recover your passport ID
  • update your contact details
  • update any changes or new diagnoses with any children you have registered with us

Up to date information regarding level of need will help us to plan services.

Please note: You will not need to re-register and your existing passport ID number/s will remain the same.

When the phase 2 upgrade is ready to go live you will be sent further information which will include how you create an account log in and check your registration information is up to date. 

Ticket application

We also hope to make changes to the ticket application process so you know what you will receive at the time of applying and won't need to wait until they arrive.


Any time a system changes you will be notified ahead of time. We hope that you will welcome the upgrades and look forward to your feedback as the system upgrades progress.